With reference to the questions received regarding the open procedure for selection of a consultant with international experience in risk assessment and actuarial science we are providing the following additional information.

The available data from the Ministry of Interior and the Guarantee Fund could be used for the preparation of the unified requirements for a bonus-malus system when concluding Motor Third Party Liability insurance in Republic of Bulgaria. The Guarantee Fund has information for all registered motor vehicles on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, including both technical data about the vehicle and information about its owner, according to the registration certificate. There is also information available for all RTA since 2010 to date, as well as data concerning the participants in the event (motor vehicles and drivers), victims and caused material damages.

The Ministry of Interior has data for the vehicles and drivers involved in the RTA, as well as the violations of the Road Traffic Act leading for the accident to occur.

All information stated above is in Bulgarian.